Raw Dog Food: Deluxe Recipe

Raw Dog Food: Deluxe Recipe

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Deluxe Recipe
Ingredients: 70% Beef, Bison, and Horse meat, 5% Beef and Bison organs, 10% bone paste and 15% green tripe, because of this it is By far our most popular recipe!
Sold in 4oz (1/4 lb cubes), 1 lb bricks, and 2lb Tubes.
Both 4oz cubes and 1lb bricks are sold by the pound, so use quantity 10 for 10 lbs.
For the 2lb Tubes, use quantity 5 to get 10 lbs.
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Made from locally-raised natural ingredients, with:

  • no filler

  • no antibiotics

  • no msg

  • no added hormones

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Why buy True North Canine’s Raw Dog Food?
Most dog has three major problems:
1) There’s usually not enough protein
2) Unbalanced, Incomplete and often rancid fats
3) Lacking fresh whole foods.
With True North Canine’s Raw Dog Food, you can always be sure your dog is getting the correct amount of protein, that the fats are balanced, complete and fresh, and that we use whole fresh foods in all of our recipes.
Our clients report their dogs exhibiting whiter teeth, a shinier coat, smaller less frequent and less stinky poops, reduced digestion and allergies problems, and overall better muscle tone, build, and health.
Our raw food is lab tested to show the correct Calcium to phosphorus ratio and has balanced fat to protein levels which is crucial for overall health.
Our food contain no grains, no fillers, no antibiotics, no MSG, and no added hormones.
The ingredients have been mixed and ground a total of 4 times to aid in smooth digestion.